OPA League Coordinator Guidelines


  1. Initial setup of team roster and session dates, using BenchApp software (details follow). Be sure to exclude dates when the gym is not available.
  2. A day or two before your session, check the attendance and request for spares if necessary using BenchApp.  * When spares are required, they should be notified all at once using BenchApp and should be accepted on a first come first served basis.
  3. Collect $4 from any spares who attend your session.  Remit this money to the OPA Treasurer at Treasurer@OttawaPickleballAssociation.com  at the end of the season.
  4. Bring first aid kit, balls and nets to and from the venue each week.
  5. Arrive at the venue 15 minutes before your session starts. Wait at the doors to let players in. Do not leave unmanned doors propped open for players. If a security guard is present, you can ask the guard to watch the doors.
  6. Set up and take down the nets each week. Arrange transfer of nets if necessary. The League Director will provide you with a list of contacts.
  7. Organize the play during your session. You may play games to 11 and rotate, you may play games for 15 minute time slots, you may predetermine rotations…you have some flexibility here.  We ask that you do not use a ladder format with tallied scores, as experience has shown this to cause much controversy.
  8. Report any issues with your location (lights burnt out, slippery floors, no one to unlock door)  to the League Director at  LeaguePlay@OttawaPickleballAssociation.com.
  9. Be sure to leave the school at the specified time. We are not permitted to stay past the contracted times and doing so puts our relationship with the school board at risk.
  10. There are times when the gym time may be cancelled due to custodian illness or other school event.  League coordinators will need to contact all players to advise them not to attend.
  11. You will be given an electronic copy of the OPA contract with the school board for your designated league. Please ensure you have a copy of this with you when in the gym, either electronically or printed.


*League Coordinators must be sure to give all spares an equal chance to participate in the leagues.

If for some reason, another vacancy arises, please notify all spares at the same time again to try and fill the spot.  If there is still a vacancy within 2 hours of play, league coordinators may call upon any eligible spare they can find as long as the spare meets the Player Profile criteria. (Please do not use the “waitlist” function” for managing spares).

Out of town visitors or non-OPA members are welcome to play as a spare, only if there is an available spot and arrangements are made in advance. Walk-ins are not permitted. The cost for non-OPA members is $6.


Special Notes:

Charlotte-Lemieux, please put down painters tape to mark the kitchen line.  You MUST remove this tape each night.

Des Pins, when you arrive at the school, please go to the main door and ring the after hours doorbell once. It may take Mike the custodian a few minutes to reach the front door.  Mike will take you to the gym and he will unlock the door where the net is kept.  Please keep the equipment door open, as it will lock behind you. After play, please return the net to the equipment room and pull the door shut to lock it. Please do not touch any of the equipment belonging to the school. If the door closes behind you, please bring the net home and contact the League Director.  At 7:30 pm, the school will be locked and the alarm will be set.  Do not go back upstairs to the school after this time. If you do, the alarm will sound and we will be charged.  You can only exit through the stairway (marked D-10) beside the washroom.  Please ensure that the exterior door is closed tightly and locked behind you. Please put down painters tape to mark the kitchen line.  You MUST remove this tape each night.  

St. Francis, there is no Security Guard on site. The custodian will open the door for the first session. After that, the league coordinator must go around to the gym door and knock, to gain access to building. Once they are in, they must remain at the door to let the other players enter. Please ask players to remain outside the gym until 5 minutes before your session, so that the previous group is not interrupted.

Elisabeth-Bruyere – On Friday evening the school custodian will be in the building and generally unlocks the doors 5-15 minutes prior to scheduled start time. On weekends contact the security company Garda if the school is not unlocked at the scheduled time: 613-563-0685 / 613-889-1229. On occasion the guard is inside the building but at a different entrance and Garda dispatch can assist.

Arc-en-ciel – There is a daycare in the gym until 6:00pm, so your start time may be delayed a bit. Please put down painters tape to mark the kitchen line.  You MUST remove this tape each night.



With each set of nets, co-ordinators will get:

  • 4 balls per net (these are expected to last the season, so please remember to collect them after each session and to keep some in reserve to replace lost or broken balls)
  • a first aid kit
  • a black marker ( to write OPA on the balls)
  • a measuring tape (net are 36” at the sidelines, kitchen is 7”)
  • painters tape if your gym has a short kitchen




The BenchApp software is easy to use, and you can either use it from a computer or as an app.  Take a moment to register and to look around the site/app.  When you feel comfortable with the program, you will:


Create a Team

Here is an example:

Team Name: Friday, St. Remi

League Name : GREEN

Season: Winter 2018

Division: GREEN

Sport: Pickleball

Time Zone: Toronto

Once your team has been created, you will…


Add Players to the Roster

Add each player with their email address. You can mark each player as “Roster” or “Spare”.

BenchApp will automatically invite them to sign up.

Next you will…


Schedule Events

Select Schedule and then tap on Add Multiple Events.

Add the date, time and location.

Set the maximum number of players. This is important to ensure that players are accepted on a first come first served basis.

Note: You can change the duration and maximum number of players under Advanced Settings.

Ensure that you have not scheduled play on your exception dates, listed on the OPA Website.

BenchApp will automatically email your team to mark their attendance.



If you want to communicate with your team, you can use the Broadcast function to send a note to everyone at once.


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