Presidents Message

President’s Message

There is a lot of excitement and energy in Ottawa pickleball right now! Here are some reasons why.


More pickleball opportunities for members – The OPA-APO is growing.

To grow the OPA-APO you need more facility time and more volunteer effort, and/or more efficient operating processes. In 2018 we have found the first two and are working on the third. We currently have 28 leagues available; three types of training opportunities – instructor-led; self-led, and personal training by certified instructors; and plan to hold five tournaments – the June open; the Dec. 2017 and Fall 2018 members only, and the May and August recreational events.

An active membership – The OPA-APO operates through the efforts of a legion of capable volunteers.

From September 2017 to February 2018 forty-seven OPA members volunteered in some capacity to help operate the OPA-APO. What other association is actively supported annually by over 15 percent of its membership?

A sustainable structure – The OPA-APO is an incorporated, private, not-for-profit pickleball club.

Through the insight and energy of its founding Board of Directors the OPA-APO was created  with a sustainable business model and a sustainable internal structure to ensure its independence to provide the best pickleball playing opportunities to its members.

A members-led plan  – The OPA-APO is asking for member feedback and input.

A mid-February survey is requesting feedback on the new leagues and their skill-balancing processes so we can have a fun, yet challenging pickleball playing experience.

We will soon be asking for your input on new strategic directions for the OPA-APO in support of your OPA-APO mission statement. Your mission statement is worded as “to assist and promote the growth of pickleball as a sport for all ages in the greater Ottawa area”. This wording alone suggests a number of key questions:

  • Should ‘all ages’ continue to focus on the competitive, mostly retired population or seriously move towards attracting significant players registrants from all age groups?
  • Should ‘greater’ mean Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton or something larger?
  • Should ‘assist and promote’ mean keep doing what we are now doing or could it mean partner to acquire a dedicated pickleball facility in Ottawa, an indoor Valleystream?
  • Which adjectives should modify ‘growth’ indicating the appropriate rate of growth?

To get involved as an OPA-APO volunteer and help support further Association growth please contact the Chair, Volunteer Coordination Committee at To provide your thoughts on the future direction of the OPA-APO  

Doug Orendorff


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