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OPA League Schedule – April to June 2018

The OPA continues to expand!  We have added new venues in Barrhaven and Orleans. Due to popular demand, we have added more instructor led Skills and Drills sessions for Violet, Blue and Green levels.

OPA Player Profiles

To help identify which level to play at for all OPA Leagues, we have created player profiles for your reference.

If you are missing more than one skill at a level, choose the previous level. Skills are meant to be assessed in a real game situation.

I know the rules of pickleball.
I know how to keep score.
I have proper service technique.
I can rally at least 5 shots in a row.
I can handle moderately paced shots.

I usually serve the ball in the court.
I can rally successfully from the baseline or the net
I can dink at least 5 shots in a row
I can handle all but the fastest shots.

My serve is consistently in the court.
I sometimes use the third shot drop with some success.
I try to dink whenever I have the chance.
I can keep the ball low.
I can put pace on a high ball.
I have some good put away shots, so watch out!
I sometimes have trouble getting to those drop shots.

I try to serve to my opponent’s weaker side.
I use the third shot drop appropriately .
I have moderate success dinking with placement and purpose.
I can put away the ball if you leave me a high one.
I’m pretty fast, so don’t even try to drop shot me.

I can serve with accurate placement and depth.
My third shot drop is 80% consistent.
I can dink comfortably with accuracy and strategic placement.
I have a variety of put away shots, even on a low ball.
I can handle fast exchanges at the net.
I can pressure you to pop the ball up and hit a winner.
If you dink it wide, I might get you around the post!

I can serve with placement, power or spin.
I can consistently hit an effective third shot drop, drill or spin shot.
I can dink all day long with accuracy, spin and variety.
I can handle fast exchanges at the net and can often retrieve smashes.
I move effectively with my partner, switching sides if necessary.
I know how to develop a point and exploit your weaknesses.
I can cover the whole court.

Our Locations

Ottawa Central

  • École élémentaire catholique Saint-François-d’Assise, 35 Melrose Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Y 1T8
  • École élémentaire publique Charlotte-Lemieux, 2093 Bel Air Drive, Ottawa, ON K2C 0X2


Ottawa West

  • École élémentaire catholique Élisabeth-Bruyère 100, pr. Stonehaven, Kanata, ON K2M 2H4
  • École élémentaire catholique Saint-Rémi, 100 Walden Dr, Kanata, ON K2K 0G8


Ottawa South

  • École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Bernadette, 3781 Sixth St. Gloucester, ON K1T 1K5
  • École secondaire catholique Pierre-Savard, 1110 Longfields Dr, Nepean, ON K2J 0H9


Ottawa East

  • École élémentaire catholique Saint-Joseph d’Orléans, 6664 Carrière St, Ottawa, ON K1C 1J4
  • École élémentaire catholique des Pins, 1487 Ridgebrook Dr, Gloucester, ON K1B 4K6
  • École élémentaire catholique Arc-en-ciel, 1830 Portobello Blvd, Orléans, ON K4A 3T6
  • École secondaire catholique Béatrice-Desloges, 1999 Provence Ave, Orléans, ON K4A 3Y6


We are always looking for new venues so that we can grow our pickleball league offerings. If you have any connections to help us acquire new gym space to rent, please contact us at LeaguePlay@OttawaPickleballAssociation.com.

How to Register

To register in an OPA league, you must be an OPA Member. An OPA membership is only $15.00 per year. Click here to become a member or to renew your membership.

  1. Go to the League Registration page.
  2. Read the league descriptions carefully and decide which leagues you’d like to play in. You may play as a regular or as a spare, in leagues at your level or below.
  3. Click on the “Register” button for the league you’re interested in.
  4. Submit your personal details. You can choose to either play full time or to be called upon as a spare ($4 per league session or $8 per session when an instructor is present).
  5. If you’ve made it into a session, (see “The Fine Print”),  you will receive an email with directions on how to pay via PayPal or credit card.  Once payment is received, you are now enrolled.  Enjoy the session! 
  6. If the session is full, you will receive an email telling you so.

*The Fine Print

Registration is processed on a first come first served basis. Members who did not make it into a session will be added to the waitlist and the spare list.

Before league rosters are finalized, the League Balancing Committee will review the registrations for each league and work together to try and balance the rosters.

There may be occasions where a player will be asked to play in a different session if they have registered for a league where there is not a good fit in level. Please try to pick your leagues carefully and please be understanding that the leagues need to be balanced for everyone’s mutual enjoyment.

Players may be asked to limit the number of leagues they play in, to allow for other OPA members to participate.

We may also cancel, combine or adjust leagues as needed to accommodate the demand and to satisfy as many players as possible. Hopefully this process will improve as the seasons go by.

Walk-ins will not be accepted. Prices may vary for clinics and other training sessions.

Late registrations for leagues will not be prorated.


OPA Challenge Process

The Challenge Process provides a chance for players to challenge their placement in the OPA Colour Leagues.

  1. Each League Coordinator will identify a challenge team.
    • Select 5 players. 3 players will participate in a round robin, 1 or 2 players will observe and take notes.
    • Players should be a mix of mid to high level players for that level
    • Choose players who will play at their full potential without holding back
    • Try to choose players who will can give an unbiased assessment
    • Try to use the same challenge team for all challenges
    • Players should not be OPA board members if possible.
  2. Challenges may be requested any time after 5 weeks from the start of the current league.
  3. Challengers contact their League Coordinator or the League Director to request a challenge. Players should indicate which league time and venue they would be available to play in.
  4. League Coordinators and League Director will arrange with all parties for a challenge to take place as soon as possible.
  5. The challenger and challenge team will warm up, play one warm up game, then play in a round robin. Games to 11, win by 1.
  6. Observers will watch and take notes, specifically looking for criteria listed in the profiles, as well as other observations that may include positioning, consistency, footwork, mental toughness, endurance and strategy. Scores are irrelevant.
  7. The challenge team will discuss and make recommendations with written feedback to share with the League Coordinator and League Director. The feedback will NOT be given immediately. A majority vote is required for the challenge to be successful. If there is a tie, the challenge is considered unsuccessful.
  8. The Head of the League Balancing Committee will deliver the results to the challenger.
  9. A member may make one challenge per session.
  10. If the challenge is successful and there is room in the league, the challenger may move up immediately. If the league is full, the challenger may be added to the spare list.


In the event that not enough players sign up for an activity, it will be cancelled and registration fees will be reimbursed. Member’s cancellations will be accepted and refunds provided up to three (3) days before an activity season start date. There will be no refunds after.  There will be no refund for missed sessions, however, sessions cancelled by the OPA due to unforeseen circumstances such as a gym closure, will be refunded.

Visiting Ottawa?

Visitors may request to participate in a league and may be invited to play, space permitting at a cost of $6 /session. Requests can be sent to LeaguePlay@OttawaPickleballAssociation.com.

All visitors must sign a waiver before playing in any OPA event or session.

Download waiver English French.

League Coordinators Wanted

We are looking for coordinators for each of our leagues.

As a league coordinator, we would register you for your league FREE OF CHARGE as a thank you for your time.  If you are interested, please send an email to LeaguePlay@OttawaPickleballAssociation.com with “League Coordinator” in the heading. Please indicate the time and location of the league you wish to organize.

Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate player attendance each week using the BenchApp software (it’s easy to use!)
  • Arrange for spares if required and collect payment from spares.
  • Manage the transport of the first aid kit, nets and balls to and from the venue. This may require meeting other league coordinators to share the nets.
  • Set up and take down the nets.
  • Organize play for your session.

Feedback, Questions or Concerns about our Leagues?

We are really working hard to make our members happy. This is a work in progress and we value your feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact Evelyn Eldridge, OPA League Director at LeaguePlay@OttawaPickleballAssociation.com with your input.

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