OPA-APO Code of Conduct

It is essential that Ottawa Pickleball Association (OPA-APO) members and volunteers embrace the values of good sportsmanship. As such, we aim to provide all participants with a safe, competitive and enjoyable atmosphere

Any person involved in an OPA-APO sponsored activity (participant, official, volunteer, coordinator or representative of the OPA-APO or spectator) commits to:

1. treat everyone with courtesy and respect within the context of pickleball, regardless of gender, place or origin, colour or ethnicity, religion, political belief, economic status or ability. This requirement prohibits any form of harassment or discrimination.

2. exhibit fairness and integrity, follow proper pickleball etiquette safety guidelines on or off court and encourage others to do the same;

3. not engage in any behavior or actions that would or ought to have known to intimidate others or endanger themselves, other participants, volunteers, spectators and staff members or cause damage to the equipment or facilities being used.

4. not attempt to play while under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs

5. abide by the International Federation Pickleball (IFP) rules and regulations.

Violations of the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action by the Board ranging from a simple warning to immediate or future suspension or expulsion from the game, league, program and/or a revocation of membership. No refunds will be issued in these circumstances.

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