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A Message From the President, Ottawa Pickleball Association / Association de Pickleball d’Ottawa (OPA-APO)

We are growing, innovating and evolving so you, our members have more and better pickleball play.

Growth: Our leagues and skills development opportunities doubled in 2017-2018 and will increase in 2018-2019 by a similar amount; plus this year we held two recreational and two competitive tournaments, our most ever.

Innovation: We introduced our colour-coded player rating system for consistent, balanced and equitable league play; and we introduced Single Court Usage to enable member play or practice flexibility. We now provide OPA-APO courts for personal training at a major price discount to members and we just improved our rating system using available best practices and your feedback in time for the Fall leagues. Specifics to follow.


We are an association of volunteers.  Every league, training session, tournament or Association meeting has been the result of the diligent work of a large number of very committed volunteers. We recently estimated this level of effort at over 6,000 hours by 71 dedicated volunteers. This amazing commitment. is not sustainable so we are evolving to lessen the need for so much volunteer support.

  1. We are continuing to automate and streamline our processes. This Fall you will encounter an end-to-end registration system. Specifics to follow.
  2. We restructured our leagues administrative tasks—from acquiring gym time and communicating with the school boards to responding to queries at registration time to BenchApp setup—into a single part-time paid contract position and are looking to find someone to carry out this role. If you are interested please contact Lynn Campbell.
  3. We have begun reimbursing our most irreplaceable volunteers for some of their time and effort, specifically our skills development trainers. Similarly, we plan to fund this truly irreplaceable and OPA-APO first paid contract position from two sources: a possible Trillium Foundation grant with notification of successful applicants in late October and a fee increase. Effective for the August 1 Membership fees will increase from $15 to $25 per year while league registration fees will increase from $3.50 to $6. Specifics to follow.

We are in a very exciting time for pickleball in Ottawa and we want to provide our members with the best pickleball environment in the province, possibly eventually in the country. We call it, making Ottawa Canada’s pickleball capital and it is all about partnerships and trust relationships. At the foundation is our partnership with our members. We want to evolve our unique volunteer relationship into something truly special and with your continued support we can.

Doug Orendorff


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