OPA-APO New Member / General Membership


OPA-APO New Member General Membership

This membership is for players who do not have a current OPA-APO membership or colour rating.

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OPA-APO New Member General Membership

Welcome to the OPA-APO! If you do not have a current OPA-APO membership, you will need to purchase this general membership to get started in OPA-APO leagues and events.

With the General Membership, you may register for Violet or Indigo leagues. Please look under Play -> Register to see all the leagues that we have to offer.  You must register for any league you’d like to participate in as a regular or as a spare.  We do not offer any drop-in play. If you feel that you play in a level higher than Indigo, then you will need to contact LeaguePlay@OttawaPickleballAssociation.com to gain access to those levels.

As a new member, you will need to be placed into an appropriate colour level for play in our leagues.  You can self assess by reading our colour profiles, or you can ask for assistance by emailing to LeaguePlay@OttawaPickleballAssociation.com 

Please be aware that once colour league play begins, your level of play will be assessed and if your level of play is not compatible with the league, you may be asked to play in a different colour level.

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