OPA League FAQs

OPA League FAQs


If we don’t get the opportunity to play with better players, how can we improve?

If you would like to play with players of your own choosing, the OPA is offering Single Court Usage for groups to organize their own play.  The City of Ottawa also offers many drop-ins for players of all levels.

The OPA Coloured Leagues are designed to group players of similar abilities, but there is always a range of strengths and weaknesses within the group.  Even the strongest players can use this time to fine tune shots, strategies and positioning. Remember each session only lasts for 8-12 week. Improving your skills and strategies within one colour could move you up to the next colour in the following session.

Players of a higher level can, and DO, play in lower level groups. If you get some more advanced players in your group, remember that they want to play as well.  Be sure to hit the ball to them so that they can challenge you and everyone can enjoy playing together.


Can I play down a level?

YES! As long as there is room in the league.

We encourage players of different levels to play together, while still providing a minimum skill level to keep the leagues competitive.


I’m in a league that too advanced for me?

If you feel that you’ve selected a league that is too advanced for you, please send an email to LeaguePlay@OttawaPickleballAssociation.com.  If there is space in a more appropriate league, you can switch over.


I’m too advanced for the league I’m in?

If you really feel that the level of play in your current league is not strong enough for you, you may try “challenging up” to the next level to see if it’s a better fit. Please ask your League Coordinator to make arrangements. Feedback from the players in that level will make recommendations if they feel that your level of play is comparable to others in the league. The goal is for everyone to enjoy a compatible level of play.

*Please note that players will be limited to one “challenge up” per session.


Why don’t we use the rating system?

We did research on ratings and after careful analysis, we decided that the findings were inconsistent. The IFP, IPTPA and USPA rating systems have differing criteria and in some cases, conflicting criteria.  We compared IFP ratings of several known players and tried to rate them with the IPTPA system and did not get matching results.


I’m a ranked tournament player, why aren’t my tournament results considered?

Tournament results are not a good measure of overall player ability largely due to the fact that tournaments are broken into age categories. The OPA leagues are for all ages. There are also many unknowns about tournament play which affect each player’s success. Factors such as how good your partner is, the number of participants in a tournament and the calibre of players in the tournament.


I would like to play with my spouse or friend who plays at a different level?

There are several options for players in this situation. You can join the Saturday Social, you can both play in a league at the level of the less advanced player, you can find your own group and take advantage of the Single Court Usage, or you can try playing in one of the many City of Ottawa drop-ins.


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