How to Login / Create a New Account

  1. Look at the menu across the top and click on “My Account”.
  2. Enter the SAME email address that we send OPA-APO email to.
  3. If your email address is not found, please Register for a new account and go to step 6. Otherwise, continue with step 5.
  4. You will need to set the password, so click on “Lost your password?”
  5. Follow those instructions to set a new password for the OPA-APO website.
  6. You can now login with your new password.  You will see your current membership level and status.

Renewing or Joining as a New Member

  1. Login using My Account (or Register for a new account).
  2. Choose Join OPA-APO from the top menu.
  3. Read the description and click on either Join or Renew! (If you are renewing but your membership has not yet expired, a full year will be added to the expiry date)

Renewing a General Membership or Joining for the first time.

If you have not played in an OPA-APO league, your membership level will be General. You can renew by purchasing an “OPA-APO New Member / General Membership”. If you would like have your membership level set to an appropriate colour level, please send an email to

Renewing a Colour Level Membership

If you have played in an OPA-APO league, your membership level should reflect the level you last played in. You can renew your membership by purchasing the appropriate “OPA-APO Colour Membership Renewal”.

Renewing an Expired Membership

If your membership has already expired, you will only be able to purchase an “OPA-APO New Member / General Membership”. Please do so and we will change your membership level to reflect your level.

Registering for Leagues, Skills and SCU

Important Note: You must login to register for leagues. The system will NOT allow you to register for leagues above your specified colour level. The system will NOT allow you register for someone else.

  1. Login using My Account
  2. If you have a General membership and would like to participate in Colour Leagues, please contact for assistance in selecting an appropriate level.
  3. Choose Play from the top menu.
  4. Choose Register from the left side menu.
  5. Select the leagues and sessions that you’re interested in. You will only be able to register for leagues at your level or below.
  6. When you are finished pay for the items in your cart.
  7. If a league is full DO add yourself to the waiting list (you will automatically be added to the spare list). We expect to add some players to the roster after the original registration.
  8. Once all the registrations have been settled, you will receive notifications from BenchApp for setting your weekly attendance.

Getting Started with BenchApp

The OPA uses Benchapp to manage attendance for our league play.  You should receive a welcome email from BenchApp for each league you registered for.

Each week, about 5 days before play, BenchApp will automatically email you asking if you are IN or OUT for play.  Just click on your response and that’s all you need to do. It is helpful for your League Coordinator if you can respond to BenchApp each week.  If you have not responded 3 days before play, BenchApp will email you again asking if you are IN or OUT. 

1-2 days before the date, your League Coordinator will “call for spares” if there is room.  All spares are called at once, to give everyone a fair chance to respond. Please DO NOT use the waitlist function in BenchApp. At this point, spares can respond if they are able to play. If you get a spot, then you can attend the league and pay the spare fee to your League Coordinator (please bring exact change). Drop-ins will not be permitted to play, so please respond to BenchApp and only attend if you have been accepted.

Getting More Out of BenchApp

Go to and login (top right) using the credentials sent to you. It helps to just click on things and to look around the site to become familiar with it.

On the left hand side, you will see menu options.  If you look closely, you will that they are divided into “Player“, “Schedule“, “Team“, “Tools“.  Below, we will highlight the useful options.

Under Player you will see options that allow you see an overview of your play (Dashboard), your Profile and your Notification settings.

Under Schedule, you will see your next game (Up Next), the full schedule in a list view, or the schedule in a calendar view. You can click on a date to see more details about who will be attending the session.  You can also see the full and updated schedule of play for the whole session.

Under Team you can view the roster.

If you have registered for more than one league, you can change the “Team” you are looking at by going right to the top where the team name is and clicking on the down arrow. This will open up  a list of the teams you are registered for and you can select another team to look at.

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