2022 Winter Session Play Update

November 29, 2021
Registration for Winter Session is now Open!

All the information you need to register for the OPA-APO's many Winter leagues, skills and training sessions which are now posted on the website https://ottawapickleballassociation.com/league/shop/

Our registration system is now open, (not first come first served), and the registration will close at midnight Wednesday, December 15, 2021. If a particular league is over-subscribed, we will try to balance players based on their other registrations. If we still cannot balance the numbers, we will draw names from a hat to determine which players will be able to play in that league. The goal is to ensure that everyone gets to play.

We may cancel, combine, or adjust leagues as needed to accommodate the demand and to satisfy as many players as possible.

The Winter session runs from January 10, 2022, to March 10, 2022.  To register, you must be an active member of the OPA-APO. If your registration has expired, you must purchase an OPA-APO New/ General Membership.  If you are a previous member and need to reset your colour level, please send an email to LeaguePlay@OttawaPickleballAssociation.com.    

If you have not played in OPA-APO leagues before, please send an email to LeaguePlay@OttawaPickleballAssociation.com and we will assist you with determining an initial colour level to start at.  You must have your colour level set to register for levels Blue and above.

More information on OPA-APO colour leagues can be found at: General Info or at FAQs

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