Benefits of Joining the Ottawa Pickleball Association

  • Be assessed by our Club Head Pro or Skills Development Coordinator to
    ensure you are playing at the appropriate skill level.
  • An opportunity to play with adults 18 years and older at a similar skill level
  •  With an active OPA-APO membership you can participate in one of our 45+
    Leagues and Skills sessions with players at your level, Single Court Usage,
    socials, clinics, tournaments and more.
  •  Access to training and skill development offered by the OPA-APO. i.e.
    courses, workshops and clinics.
  •  Access to private lessons with our qualified coaches.
  •  Play indoors in gyms rented by the OPA-APO from Sept to June.
  •  Reduced entry fees and priority admission for special events, OPA-APO
    sponsored fun and competitive tournaments
  •  Support the growth of pickleball in Ottawa.

Membership Renewals

Existing members must Login to their account to purchase a renewal. To Login, please choose “My account” from the menu at the top of our website.

If you have played in an OPA-APO league, your membership level should reflect the level you last played in. You can renew your membership by purchasing the appropriate “OPA-APO Colour Membership Renewal”.

If you have not played in an OPA-APO league, your membership level will be General. You can renew by purchasing an “OPA-APO New Member / General Membership”. 


If you would to like have your membership level set to an appropriate colour level, please send an email to

New Members

The OPA-APO is currently at full capacity and therefore not taking new
members at this time.



OPA-APO Sponsors

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