With an active OPA membership you can participate in one of our 20+ Leagues and Skills sessions, Single Court Usage, tournaments and more.

New Members

If you are new to the OPA, you can purchase an “OPA New Member / General Membership”. Many of our leagues are restricted to play at level or above. Details can be found at OPA Registration Information. Members can contact for assistance in determining your colour level.

Membership Renewals

Existing members must Login to their account to purchase a renewal. To Login, please choose “My account” from the menu at the top of our website.

If you have not played in an OPA league, your membership level will be General. You can renew by purchasing an “OPA New Member / General Membership”. If you would to like have your membership level set to an appropriate colour level, please send an email to

If you have played in an OPA league, your membership level should reflect the level you last played in. You can renew your membership by purchasing the appropriate “OPA Colour Membership Renewal”.

Join or Renew!

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