Member Court Booking

Member Court Booking

What sets the OPA apart from other options in the greater Ottawa area, is the ability to play ‘at level’ for periods of up to 3 hours. Our Members have regularly indicated this is important to them.

We primarily accomplish this through our leagues which are structured according to color skill system. However, we often have empty courts where all courts in a specific gym are not utilized.

We are offering these as personal use courts so you can create your own group and have 3 hours of guaranteed court time for the length of the session.

Cost is $40, or $10 per person for the 3 hour block, which is competitive and far easier to book than alternative options in the city. Courts can be booked for an entire session (depending on availability), or on a weekly basis depending on availability. The court booker is responsible for payment through the OPA-APO website.

All players must be members of the OPA (for insurance liability).

Please check this link on an ongoing basis, as availability for Member Personal Court Use can fluctuate.

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