2023 /2024 OPA-APO Board and Committee Members

Diana Dowthwaite – President

With the growing popularity of pickleball in the greater Ottawa area, I am really excited about the programming options the OPA-APO will be offering its members. I have sat on the OPA-APO Board for the past two years as Vice President and President and am looking forward to working with the Board and members to continue to develop and improve members playing experience. 


Carol Sinclair – Vice-President

I have been playing pickleball for two years now. It was a retirement project for me, along with learning the game of golf. I now play at OPA locations and at Nepean Sportsplex and at the RA in winter, and at Amberwood and Elmridge clubs in the summer. I am and always have been a very active and high energy person both at work and play. I played badminton competitively for years so when I picked up a pickleball paddle, I immediately took to it and am investing time learning and growing my skills to play. Because I meet people easily and engage in discussions around the pickleball community I am aware of some of the challenges that our sport is experiencing in terms of accessibility, and sport growth and development to meet the growing and changing requirements of players and in particular our OPA current and future members.

I began my career as a professional coach and moved quickly into Organization Development and Effectiveness work, building high performance teams and organizations across many sectors – notably high tech, health care and consulting sectors. I have been a member of corporate executive teams where I became known as the spark plug for transformational change, I have sat as an executive on several volunteer boards in Ottawa. Most recently I spearheaded the establishment of Kids Up Front Ottawa , a local child serving charity where I served as a member of the board executive for 5 years. I have consulted to several sport governing organizations and clubs and believe I can bring value to the OPA Board.

I am an avid outdoors person- I love camping, skiing, hiking and cycling , open water swimming, and kayaking and have competed in triathlon, road and track running, and ironman on the local, provincial, national and world levels in age group competitions.

My education includes a Masters Degree specializing in Coaching and Sport Psychology. I have worked with athletes and coaches; business teams and leaders; providing them with a unique tool kit to draw upon whether performing at work, at play and in competitive and demanding environments.

Carl Goldman – Treasurer

I was introduced to pickleball 3 years ago through a family acquaintance. Having played table tennis recreationally and competitively many years ago in Montreal where I grew up, I immediately became addicted to pickleball and joined the OPA-APO. Playing in the Ottawa/Gatineau pickleball community is extremely gratifying. It allows me to meet wonderful people and expand my circle of friends. I can’t say enough about pickleball. Iregularly promote the sport to family and friends, and to new people I meet.

On the professional side, I am a Chartered Professional Accountant with 25 years of experience working for the Canada Revenue Agency, occupying several auditor and managerial positions. I retired in August 2017 as Manager of the Risk Assessment/Systems Development section in the International and Large Business Directorate.

Since my retirement, I have volunteered preparing income tax returns for seniors, disabled, and low income individuals in the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program offered jointly through the Chartered Professional Accountants Association of Ontario and the CRA. I am also a part-time instructor teaching Business Principles at Algonquin College, and volunteer as a league coordinator for the OPA-APO.

Lynda Morgan-Elson – Secretary

I have been playing pickleball for less than 2 years and am loving the sport and the pickleball community. Sports have been a significant part of my life, participating in a variety of sports such as volleyball, badminton, tennis, softball, and football, both competitively and recreationally. The comraderie and lifelong friendships derived from my participation in sports is what I value most, so I am thrilled to find a sport and new friends I can enjoy for many more years. My 31-year career with IBM is ending soon, which will hopefully enable me to spend more time on the courts and to promote this fantastic sport. My volunteering experience includes being president (and other positions) of an Ottawa badminton club, running softball leagues, and many years of volunteering and fundraising for my daughters’ schools. I look forward to contributing to the success of the OPA and pickleball in Ottawa.

Sandra Milton – Advertising/Promotional Chair, Outreach Ambassador, Newsletter


I love sports and enjoy being with anyone that wants to get out and move! Many, many years ago I heard about pickleball and was invited to play in Florida but thought it a gimmick game. Somehow, I did play and caught the PB bug!

It is such a great sport when meeting people that have the same passion, spirit, desire and does not matter if they are competitive or not – who wouldn’t want to have fun and stay in shape. I have met amazing people and experienced tournaments both in Canada and Florida. My desire is to be part of a great organization that is growing quickly and not discerning of age or cost. My other passions are rowing and kayaking.

Lee Redpath

In late 2019, after 32 years, I retired from the federal public service.  My post retirement life was spent biking, kayaking and swimming.  In 2020 a friend started talking about this sport called pickleball – admittedly the name didn’t encourage me to try it but a year later, a neighbour said there were courts in Manotick and that a group of us should give it a go.  Well, I was instantly hooked!  Suddenly the wonderful game took over my life and before I knew it, I was playing 5 times a week and other activities took a back seat.  
I’m thrilled with the opportunity to sit on the Board of Directors for the OPA-APO and am grateful to be a part of an organization committed to enhancing the game for adults in Ottawa.  While pickleball is obviously not just for retired folks, this is the group of people that I’m particularly interested in getting involved in this sport – from a health and social perspective, it’s simply the best!


Jim McLachlan 

I think it was 4 years ago I walked into Dempsey to try a sport I knew little if anything about, on the recommendation of my sister who plays in the US. Having a long background in squash and badminton made the transition a little easier and I was quickly hooked. The people at Dempsey were very welcoming (Knud, Carol, Brian, Pat, the two Mikes) and I was impressed how supportive the community was. While I love the sport the freedom of time retirement brings allows me to pursue other my passions including wilderness canoe tripping, downhill skiing, all pitch, golf and travel.

Educationally I hold a Commerce degree from Queens. My career was about a 50/50 public sector-private sector split in financial and corporate management roles, finishing as an Executive in a small federal environmental agency. 

Dave Perfetti – Facebook

Hello, my name is Dave; I am an avid pickleball player. My pickleball journey began in April 2022, and like many others, I found a passion for the sport. I am interested in joining the Ottawa Pickleball Association Board because I would like to use my skills, knowledge, and experience to help grow the sport in our community. I believe that my experience and my enthusiasm for the game would make me an asset to the board. I am excited about the opportunity to work with other members to promote the game of pickleball, organize events and create opportunities for local players to develop their skills.

In the volunteer sector, I have held various Board of Director positions, including vice president of the Cumberland Food Bank. I have also held multiple coaching positions in girls’ and boys’ hockey at competitive and non-competitive levels.

Professionally, I currently operate a boutique consulting firm focusing on digital transformation and organizational change management. My career has spanned multiple decades in Information Technology, Human Resources, Project, and Change Management. I have worked in various industries, including not-for-profit, public, and private sectors. I enjoy guiding and advising executives and their teams on game-changing business and digital transformation programs.

Jennifer Eyre

I’m delighted to be serving as a member of the OPA Board of Directors. I’ve been a sports enthusiast for a long as I can remember and pickleball is my new favourite sport. I am excited to have the opportunity to give back to the pickleball community while getting to know many of its members. The game has brought new connections, a sense of community, and a lot of fun into my life. My goal is that as a member of the Board, I can contribute to ensuring that more people have the chance to experience the same.

In terms of professional experience, I am an executive in the Federal Public Service, which has given me a unique set of skills and perspectives that believe will be valuable to our board. I am passionate about community involvement, team play while having fun, and I am committed to bringing these values to our organization.

I look forward to collaborating with the Board to advance our mission and vision for pickleball in Ottawa. Whether it’s organizing events, league play, fundraising or simply spreading the word about this fastest growing sport, I believe that we can achieve great things together.

Matthew Kawamoto – Head Pro

Matt Kawamoto started playing pickleball in 2016. Since then, he has grown to become the top player in Ontario and one of the best in Canada. He has taken gold in both men’s and mixed doubles at the last three Ontario provincials and has also been successful at many international tournaments including gold at the US Open.

Having graduated from teacher’s college, Matt currently pursues a career in pickleball and enjoys teaching and competing in the game. He brings his love of teaching to all his lessons and clinics and finds a way to connect with each student. He is a director and a level 2 instructor for the IPTPA, one of the leading coaching organizations.

Paul Leck – Skills Development Coordinator

After 32 years in a high school science classroom and coaching various high school and club sports, I retired into the sport of Pickleball. I have been playing for just a year now and enjoy the challenge of learning new skills.  Combining my love of teaching with my Pickleball addiction, I have taken on the new role of skills coordinator to ensure members can develop both player and instructor skills at all levels.  If you want to share your Pickleball experience with others as a skills instructor, please email me at skills@ottawapickleballassociation.com

Evelyn Eldridge – Executive Director  My role as Executive Director is to assist in the growth of pickleball in the Ottawa area by providing support and access to organized leagues, player development, private coaching and local tournaments. 

I am always looking for new venues, initiatives and ways to promote Ottawa pickleball, so please feel free to contact me if you have ideas to share.




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