Paul’s Drills

Focus on ready position, technique, smooth slow arm action, preparation for shot, contact point


  1. Stand inside the NVZ line and dink softly/slowly into the first half of the kitchen. (squats)
  2. Stand at the NVZ line and dink softly into the first half of the kitchen. (lunge/reset dink)
  3. Stand at the NVZ and dink face to face to the back half of the kitchen.
  4. Locational dinking (1 to 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3, 1 to 3, 3 to 1)
  5. Placement dinking / reset – one player dinks to any location – the other resets to 2. Switch
  6. Cross court dinking (use all locations). Both sides.
  7. Movement dinking: together back and forth, window wiper
  8. Dink game


  1. Two touch drills (dinks, volleys)
  2. Control volley
  3. Quick hands – control volleys from inside the NVZ line
  4. Dink volleys
  5. Cross court.  Both sides
  6. Block volleys – defend drives from transition and baseline (keep it deep or drop in kitchen


  1. At the NVZ line, one side “attacks”, the other side resets (block volleys and dink volleys)
  2. 3 dinks – 3 volleys – reset (repeat).  Play the same game with no pattern (ie speed up and slow down)
  3. Resets from the transition zone – drops and dink/reset volleys.  Try cross court too.
  4. Slinky – drop or reset volley and move forward then move back, then forward…….

Third shots:

  1. From baseline continuous drop shots
  2. Slinky – move forward from baseline to transition to NVZ line then back, then forward…(repeat)….. Use drops on all shots.
  3. up/back game:  as a team move forward from baseline to NVZ
  4. Drive and drop. Try some lobs.  Make good decisions based on height and location of feed.

Serves – returns:

  1. Serves  from both sides: target specific areas
  2. Serve-return:  deep returns – target specific areas
  3. Two shot drill:  Serve and step back – Return and run (stop at the bounce)
  4. Three shot drill: serve-return-third shot drop – stop at bounce play a smart 5th shot move to NVZ under control (play out point at net with dink rally)

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