Safety and Etiquette

Pickleball Safety Considerations

Pickleball like all sport has a risk of injury.  Know your limitations and play within them.

To help prevent injuries:

  • Before beginning any new sport discuss it with your doctor to be sure you are fit for participation.
  • Protective Eyewear is very strongly recommended. In fact it is becoming the new cool!
  • Wear quality court shoes.
  • Warm up and stretch before you begin playing and post play.
  • Never run backward. Backing up and other quick movements can lead to nasty falls.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.  Drink plenty of water before, during, and after playing.
  • Communicate with your partner to avoid collisions.
  • When your ball is heading toward another court call “Ball on Court!” loudly.
  • Stop play IMMEDIATELY when you hear “Ball on Court!”.
  • If you start feeling tired or dizzy take a break.
  • Follow proper Pickleball Etiquette.


Pickleball Etiquette:

For safety and courtesy sake all players should follow proper Pickleball Etiquette :
  • Call the score before serving. Calling the score lets the receiver know you are ready to serve and helps all players keep track of the score. Before calling the score confirm it with your partner and opponents, and then speak in a clear voice loud enough so all players on your court can hear it before you start your serve. If the score is called incorrectly, it can be distracting for players and play should be stopped and corrected before proceeding.
  • NEVER go on other courts to retrieve a ball while the game is still in play. Call “Ball on Court” in a voice that is loud enough for everyone on that court to hear and raise your arm so the players know who to give the ball to. Make eye contact with the person returning it.
  • If a ball rolls onto your court during play, stop the game so that the ball can be removed and then replay the point. Do not randomly roll or kick or flick the ball out of your way; Pickup the ball and find out who’s missing their ball. Make eye contact with that person before returning the ball to them.
  • When you are returning a ball within your own court, return the ball to your opponent not just toward them. It is rude to just smack it back, under or over the net.
  • When play is completed and you are leaving the court be courteous to players still playing and ensure there is a break in their game before moving behind their court.
  • Never leave a ball on the ground. When the game is over pick up the ball and hand it to one of the players taking over your court.
  • When calling your own lines, always be fair when calling balls in or out. No player should question an opponent’s call unless asked. The players on the side of where the ball lands call the ball in or out. If they are uncertain or the partners disagree, then the ball is in. If the opponent’s opinion is requested, and, if the opponent says the ball was “in” or the opponent could not see it, then the ball must be declared “in.” The point does not get played over.
  • Play to the weaker player’s abilities.
  • Keep your temper in check! Abusive language and/or attitude are not welcome..

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